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Example Page How to Create Blogger Archive Page With Custom Multiple Label

function LoadTheArchive(TotalFeed) { var PostTitles = new Array(); var PostURLs = new Array(); var PostYears = new Array(); var PostMonths = new Array(); var PostDays = new Array(); if(“entry” in TotalFeed.feed) { var PostEntries=TotalFeed.feed.entry.length; for(var PostNum=0; PostNum<PostEntries ; PostNum++) { var ThisPost = TotalFeed.feed.entry[PostNum]; PostTitles.push(ThisPost.title.$t); PostYears.push(ThisPost.published.$t.substring(0,4)); PostMonths.push(ThisPost.published.$t.substring(5,7)); PostDays.push(ThisPost.published.$t.substring(8,10)); var ThisPostURL; for(var LinkNum=0; LinkNum <; […]